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Our Services

Temadas serves across industries, municipalities and utility companies. We are equipped to handle a broad spectrum of cleaning from 10-gallon acid neutralization tanks for medical and biotechnology companies to six million gallon 240-foot diameter refinery tanks. We also undertake industrial cleaning projects and allied technical services, a short list of this is found below:

  • hydrodemolition


    Hydrodemolition is the use of controlled high-pressure jets of water in order to remove or demolish concrete.

  • concrete-cutting

    Concrete Cutting

    Concrete Cutting is achieved using the Hydrodemolition method. Over periods of time concrete deteriorates and must first be cut.

  • concrete-removal

    Concrete Removal

    We can offer top of the range equipment and highly experienced operatives to get rid of unwanted areas of concrete.

  • pipe-cleaning

    Pipe Cleaning

    Industrial pipe cleaning and flushing. Heat exchanger tube cleaning. Drain & sewer cleaning. High volume flushing. These help prolong the useful life of such structures.

  • pile-cropping

    Pile Cropping

    High-pressure water jets are capable of cropping piles effectively and efficiently without compromising their structural integrity.

  • tank-cleaning

    Tank Cleaning

    Tank and vessel cleaning during decommissioning and industrial renovations. Tank maintenance and inspection. Large-scale tank cleaning. Fuel oil tank cleaning.

  • water-jet-cleaning

    Water Jet Cleaning

    Water jet cleaning uses high-pressure water jets to complete a myriad of tasks ranging from ship renovation to chewing gum removal.

  • refractory-removal

    Refractory Removal

    Worn refractory lining can easily be removed using high-pressure water jets, saving businesses time and money.

  • Specialized Services

    Waste water treatment neutralization. Utility manhole and vault cleaning. Pre-Commissioning Cleaning. Camera survey of pipe lines. Under water maintenance. Boiler cleaning

  • Applications

    Airports | Bridges | Building Projects | Energy From Waste Plants | Factories | Hydropower Plants | Nuclear Power | Parking Garages | Pillars and Piles | Petrochemical Plants | Ports | Roads | Ship Cleaning | Tunnels | Wastewater Plants.

  • Industrial Services

    We assist our clients to undertake high pressure water jetting activities. High pressure equipment and accessories leasing and sales. Ultra high pressure (UHP) surface preparation. Low to medium pressure surface preparation.

  • Testing Services

    Nitrogen services | Pressure testing | Leak detection | Hydro-testing | Calibrations | Dewatering | Drying.

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Hydro jetting is a method of drain cleaning, pipe cleaning, surface cleaning / preparation or corrosion removal cleaning that is used to eliminate serious clogs. Hydro jetting involves high-pressured water and is always performed by a professional for safety and quality reasons. While it was invented in the 1950s, hydro jetting has become more popular in recent years thanks to improved technology and an increase in training.


A hydro jet — which is made up of a water tank, a pressurizing system, and a hose with a specialized nozzle — is used to clear buildup within a drain or sewer. The operator will insert the hose into your pipes through the clean out. Then, once the hydro jet is turned on, it will force high-pressured water through the drain, clearing out any grease, minerals, hair, or other buildup in its way. Hydro jetting can actually remove tree roots and other large clogs that may be causing problems.


If your pipes, heat exchanger tubes or other fixtures have been draining slowly, this could indicate a larger problem within your pipes. Typically, if multiple drains are clogged or backed up or you have recurring drain problems, it’s a good indication that you could benefit from hydro jetting.